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(a selection of rare, utterly brilliant, highly educational and beautifully written yet currently out of Print studies !)
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Upper Intermediate Level (Grade 7 and 8) Mostly Op.102 bk.2

bulletFixed Position studies in 2nd 4th 6th 3rd 5th 7th positions 38b 39a 39b
bulletDouble stop melody in 6ths (mostly) Page 72 73
bulletLegato slurred strong crossing study Page 28 29
bulletSpiccato or Balzato (Bouncing bow) study in A major Page 22 23
bullet Détaché study in C minor. 1st - 6th Positions. (approx. AB Grade 7) Listen to a home recording I made (mp3) or view my Audio, Video & Media Room
bulletLegato slurred study in E flat major for smooth melodic string crossing. Centred around Fourth Position. (approx AB Grade 6)
bulletTwo Octave scales (in all major and minor keys) in thirds and sixths page_1 page_2 (can be bowed x1 x2 x4 x8 to a bow) (approx AB Grade 8)
bullet Arpeggio study on 4 strings in C minor. Legato slurred and up-bow Staccato bowing. (approx AB Grade 9)
bullet Double Stop short study. (approx. AB Grade 6-7) from Premier Guide Part 2; one of the easier double stop studies.

Lower Advanced Level (Grade 9 and 10)

bulletComing soon

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